This has been a decade long project, developed from a studio colour course I have taught at different art and design colleges, but principally at Central St Martins, UAL. There have been many significant contributions, beginning with my own colour education that took a serious turn as a Research Assistant to Herb Aach at Queens College, CUNY, New York City 1970-71.


Dr Ferdinand Carabott, collaborator on Chromafile, a simulated paint–colour palette that was published in 2001.

Hao Dam, multi-media designer and programmer who worked on the Virtual Colour Course, from 2003 to 2009.

Steve Capon and Brad Lowry, for upgrading the Virtual Colour Course and for the website design 2012-13.

Thanks to Central St Martins College of Art and Design for research support, and most importantly to the students on the BA Textile Design Course who worked on the studio colour course and tested the Virtual Colour Course as it was developed.

For questions, or to arrange live demonstrations and lectures contact garth@virtualcolourcourse.com.